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Poetry Quarterly is published 4 times a year. Our spring edition is usually lighter. Each edition is edited by our primary editor, and he/she may be assisted by a guest editor and/or ghost editors.

Our website serves as a companion to our print journal. Inclusion in Poetry Quarterly is very competitive. We can only accept a small percentage of the poems submitted.

Submissions are now open. We rarely close submissions but we do occasionally. There is no predetermined schedule.

The Winter Issue is here!

Our Winter Issue is in paperback…

We hand-selected a beautiful assortment of poems for the Winter 2013 issue. This issue also features the Rebecca Lard Award winner, Joan Siegel, and includes nearly a dozen works in a full feature of this talented poet. Catherine Harnett is also recognized for her achievement as a runner up to the prize. Her poem also appears in the issue.

Other poets include:
Christopher Piazza – James Bowling – A.J. Huffman – Arthur Heifetz – Colin Campbell – Eric Mellen – Dylan Youngers – Jillian Ross – Trista Hurley-Waxali – Adam Sprague – Jim Davis – Dorothy Reitz – James Grabill – April Salzano – Harry Youtt – Jessi Walker – Terrence Sykes – Sarah Marchant – AJ Stoughton – Claudia Serea – Brian Edwards – Timothy Pilgrim – Richard Moss – Aileen Bassis – Bruce Price – Timothy Norton – Dennis Herrell – Doc Burkard – Lloyd Russell – T.J. Cheverie – Kevin Elliott – David Harris – Gloria Keeley – Neila Mezynski – Martha Christina – Morgan Bazilian – Julia Hogan – Deborah Wong – Pd Lyons – Lizza Rodriguez – Patricia Williams – Nells Wasilewski – Stuart Freyer


Rebecca Lard Award Winner

Congratulations JOAN SIEGEL (2013 Winner of the Rebecca Lard Award)
Her poem, On The Night Train to Marseilles, will appear in the Winter 2013 issue, due to release in a matter of days.

Special recognition is extended to Catherine Harnett, Runner Up for her poem “Given”

PQ is growing internationally.

We are pleased to recognize our international poets!

In the new issue, we have received submissions from poets in 31 countries (so far). We always receive submissions from around the world. Poetry knows no borders.

Not all professional journals are friendly to international poets though. We have received several letters from poets who were shocked to make it into PQ because so many journals reject them immediately. The reality is that some journals don’t even read poems from countries where the poet may not be able to buy a copy. To make matters worse, many publications investigate poets to see where they have been published before, as if the submission is somehow better or worse because of the pedigree of the poet.

Those policies are unprofessional, and embarrassing to the poetry community. At Poetry Quarterly, we don’t care what country you are from, if you can buy the book, or if your only publication has been on your mom’s refrigerator. We look at the poem you submitted and decide whether we will publish it or not. The quality of the submission does not change by author or country, and our determination doesn’t either. As a matter of fact, some really wonderful things happen when people are writing in their second language. We look forward to all the submissions.

We love poetry, and we show it. We want to thank all our poets from the USA, and abroad. We appreciate you all so much.

The countries poets have submitted from are:
USA (90%)
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Costa Rica
United Arab Emirates
Switzerland, Swiss Confederation
Cayman Islands

The Fall issue is now in Paperback


Featuring beautiful poems by Annalisa Littleton, Anne Carly Abad, Audrey Samuelson, Barbara Johnson, Beau Boudreaux, Born Before, C. Wade Bentley, Carol Alexander, Changming Yuan, Christina Kapp, Christopher Piazza, Craig Steele, Dan Dowe, Deborah Guzzi, Dennis Herrell, Dustin Brown, Eagam Khaling, Hao Guang Tse, Heather Browne, Holly Day, Jay Cohn, Jonel Abellanosa, Joshua Brewer, Judy Crowe, Ken Hada, Kim Peter Kovac, Kimberly Spotts, M.F. Nagel, Mareyna Simon, Michael Estabrook, Nicholas Coulombe, Rich Ives, Rich Murphy, Robert Nordstrom, Rosemary Ybarra-Garcia, Roy Bent, Sabrina Chen, Samarendra Mahapatra, Sana Ghazala, Stephanie Smith, Vishnu Priya, and a special feature by Michael Meyerhofer.

I Was Building Up To Something (Book Review)

Imagine how happy I was to be asked to review a new book released by the winner of last year’s Rebecca Lard award. I recognized the beauty of her poems instantly, and I was delighted to hear our judge picked her poem, The Season Begins in a Waiting Room, from the hundreds of submissions we received.

I’m talking about Susan Davis, of course, and the book I am reviewing is, “I Was Building Up To Something” (Moon Tide Press).

This collection of poetry is filled with fully-matured wisdom and spirituality. The deep-reaching voice seems to call to readers, providing an unexpected connection with the work. It feels deeply personal, even familiar, as though these poems have been lost somehow, and are being rediscovered all over again. The clarity and vision of the collection as a whole is bursting with the icons of family and culture. When reading these works, an extension of Davis bleeds into the words, filling the reader with tenderness and longing, including reverent moments that only the ache of violence or the tender closeness of family can evoke. “I Was Building Up To Something” is a collection readers will return to again and again. One of the best books I have read in years.

Glenn Lyvers
Editor, Poetry Quarterly